• The property/properties must be purchased by a foreigner after 19 Sept 2018.Purchase means transfer of ownership by title deeds.
  • It can be either 1 property with min 250.000 USD value , or more than 1 properties which all of them have a total value sum up to min 250.000 USD. Property can be house for personal use or commercial.
  • Necessary to have a licensed valuation report of the property.(we provide this report with our government authorized appraiser)
  • The property cannot be sold for 3years time. This must be registered in title deeds.(we provide this registration)
  • After the application the citizenship comes in a short period of time. All family members will be granted for the Turkish Citizenship including children below 18 years old.
  • No need to live in Turkey for certain time, the citizenship starts immediately after the control by government officials.